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Welcome to my geocaching blog!

I don’t know how you found it, but you are on my modest blog website. This page is dedicated to my hobby – geocaching game. Do you know what that is? I think you do, but if not, you can find some information about this game on the official geocaching page – click here.

My nickname is Piętaszek and I’ve been playing geocaching since 2015. So far I’ve written about my adventures only in Polish, but I think that new year is a good moment to try something entirely new. So, I decided to try to write something for geocachers from outside of Poland. How it will work? We will see;) First of all, a few words about myself.

I live in the historic royal city of Kraków, Poland. It is my main searching area, but not only. Up until today I’ve found more than a thousand caches in ten different countries. On my account there are finds in Italy, Switzerland, Cyprus, Czech Republic and many other. I know that it’s not very impressive, but I’m working on increasing this result. It should be much better this year 😉

There’s one more thing which I have to tell you about myself and my geocaching searches. It is the most important thing because the truth is that I’m not alone. Every time when I go on my searches, there is a crazy and a bit lazy creature – my cat – Sokrates. He is a little bit strange like every cat, but generally he’s a good fellow who guards all my property at all times. Thanks to his help I can leave all my things and be calm these are safe and sound. Therefore sometimes he will appear in my texts and I hope that you will like him.

Thus, after you’ve found out something about myself and my crazy, lazy kitty guard, I would like to invite you to read my short geocaching stories. I hope that you like them and you will be returning to my website time and again 🙂


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