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2017 – geosummary of the year, part I

It’s a little bit hard to choose a good topic for the first text but I decided to use the fact, that it’s a new year. So, I think, it’s a good moment to write a few words about the last 365 days. Especially that it was a strange year for me – abundant in great big journeys, small trips and plenty of adventures. I would like to invite you for a short journey in time. Let’s go!

      The first event in 2017

I suspect that most of you would agree with me, that the winter isn’t a good time for searching caches. Unless you live in Africa or another warm place. Winter isn’t a good time to go outside at all. So, I was surprised when I decided in the spur of the moment, to go to a big event to Gliwice. Futhermore, I fulfilled my decision! It wasn’t very far, but the weather was not encouraging to put it mildly. It was February! Anyway, let’s get to the point. It was my first event in last year, and one of the best which I attended in 2017. The owners of this event enabled eye to eye encounters with a dinosaur, which I did. It was a little bit scarry but fortunatelly the dinosaur was small and tame 🙂

It was only an introduction to next, great adventure – the JGB (Jasło Geocaching Badge) mission…

       Hard mission in Jasło

You need to know, I love badges. Not only virtual one! In Poland you can acquire a lot of different types of bagdes. For example, if you like trekking, you can get a Mountain Tourism Badge (my own translation). The same is in geocaching! In December 2016, geocachers from Jasło offered other players the a new award to get – Jasło Geocaching Badge (my own translation). Maybe it isn’t hard to get now but in the beginning it was. The rules are simple. If you find 75 caches in Jasło and in the vicinity, you have the badge. In March 2017, there were more less 100 caches in the city and it was quite difficult to get the JGB. Despite this I acquired it! Three days, more than 500 kilometers and 76 caches found resulted in a new award in my collection. I took part in the expedition with my friend – CopernicusHigh. It was a big achievement and I’m proud of it.

       To the west!

My second journey that year was to the west of Poland. It’s not a secret that CopernicusHigh was with me too. In the first days of May, we went on a four days geocaching trip. It was a very, very interesting time. We visited a lot of towns like Szklarska Poręba, Bolesławiec, Bogatynia and many other. We were also in a place where three borders meet – Polish, Czech and German. Interestingly, our journey started with an excursion together with our friends to caves near Kielniki quarry. It was my first real cave expedition and I will remember it for a long time. The best places which we visited during this trip, in my opinion, were in Góry Sowie where in the course of the World War II, Germans tried to fulfill a huge building project which was called Riese. Moreover, we saw the famous Książ castle, wooden church – Wang in the city of Karpacz, and also colorful lakes in Rudawy Janowickie. I know, you are waiting for some information about caches which we found during this trip, so here you are 🙂

First of all, I have to tell you, there were plenty of caches! I’ll recount you the best of them.

       The tunnel

I like letterbox caches. Especially, when they are hidden in interesting places. One of them is the cache called the Tunnel at Wołowiec Mały. Imagine you are in a very long tunnel and you want to retrieve a little box which is hidden somewere inside. It isn’t easy, trust me. The tunnel is more than 1500 metres long and there isn’t any light, so you must explore it in darkness. Fortunatelly, we had two little flashlights with good batteries. We were walking for a long time when we saw the place which we were looking for. The cache was ours! There was a logbook inside and…nothing else! The stamp was gone but this adventure was worth of this scary walk 🙂


       The tram

Have you ever seen a tram in a place without trams? For example in a little village in the mountains? Never? Neither, have I. 😉 Up until May A.D. 2017. It was a bit strange encounter. Something like coming across a ship in the desert or an aeroplane in a deep cave. It’s not impossible but there is small chance for it. When I saw this vehicle, I knew there must be a cache somewhere there. I was right and after a few minutes of searching, we had a little box in our hands. The box was indistinctive but the tram was very unexpected in this place 🙂

       The “Fairy land” – mini trail in Bogatynia

Near the town of Bogatynia, there is a fabulous land where you can meet a lot of famous and popular creatures. All of them are protecting “geotreasures” in a dense forest. If you want to meet Shrek, a gold fish or Pinocchio, you must go there. I met them during our journey and I often come back to this place in my memory. It was a really nice and not a very long trail which has more than 20 caches. Every box has state of the art camouflage and each geocacher who visits this land, will have a great fun while searching just like we had. It was a positive experience and I want to thank the Owners for a really good job. 🙂

       Travel Bugs’ cementery

The last one is an interesting but a little bit sad cache which we found on the last day of our trip near the A4 highway. It could be a sacred place for some of you, especially, if you like Travel Bugs 😉 The Owner, besides a logbook, placed a memory book in the box where you can write the number of your TB which is lost. You can also add there the dead TBs’ photos or add some information about the distance it traveled. All geocachers who visit this place can note numbers from memory book and add a log – “discover it”, and in this way give the second life to the TB 🙂 So, after we found this place, we came back home. Exhausted but very happy 🙂

       Return to Jasło – big vineyard event

Do you remember my mission in Jasło in March? A few months later in August I came back to this charming town for a nice big event where geocachers who like wine could try the local products. More than 100 geocachers (me including of course) from Poland, Slovakia and Belgium arrived in Jasło and they had a great fun! After the official start of event, we went in old school buses to the local vineyard where winemakers talked about their job and products. Jasło is called the Polish capital of wine and I have to agree with this. Besides, the local geocachers’ group (GC Jasło Team) prepared really nice and creative caches. This event and the event in Gliwice were the best events in 2017 which I attended.

       2017 in Poland – summary

I know this text is long 😛 Longer than I thought it will be but I hope it isn’t too boring for you . These were the most important geocaching things which I experienced in Poland last year. It’s not finished yet! In next part I will tell you about my journeys abroad. So, I hope you will come back to my blog again 🙂

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