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2017 – geosummary of the year, part II

In the previous part I told you about my “geojourneys” in Poland in 2017. Now, I would like to say a few words about bigger trips abroad and show you some photos from places which I visited 🙂 Are you ready? Yes, you are, so let’s go!

       Budapest – the capital of Hungary

Yes,  Budapest was my first target last year. I wanted to go there since a few years and finally did it in 2017. When I was sure that I was going there I planned the places which I wanted to visit and caches which I wanted to find. Oh, I almost forgot! I took with me the most friendly gnome which I’ve ever meet 😉 We travelled by bus and it was a little bit tiring. More than 7 hours on a bus and almost 400 kilometres made us exhausted, especially that it was in summer and it was more than 30 degrees!

The Budapest is a very beautiful and friendly city. What is important, it is safe 🙂 We visited the old town and we saw the majestic Royal Castle, the building of Hungarian Parliament and Heroes’ Square. I have to tell you, it is a really fascinating city! Just take a look… 😉

Ok, I think, if you want to know more about Budapest monuments, you can find plenty of information on the Internet, so now it’s time for a really important thing… geocaches in the capital!

       Caches in Budapest

There are a lot of caches in Budapest. What is important, you can find quite a lot virtual caches there, which I like very much. We were lucky, because one of the virtuals was on the way to our hostel so less than hour after we arrived, I had my first virtual cache on my account and the first cache in Budapest and in Hungary in general (a new souvenir in my profile 😀 ) – the Synagogue. It was a very exciting finding 😀

The most of caches which we found were micro or small boxes without any camouflage. It’s normal in a city and WIGO which we found was a nice change for us. If you like street art and murals, you have to input coordinates with “Colourful city” scenario. You’ll see a lot of huge murals in the 7th district of Budapest. I have to tell you, there are very beautiful paintings. This WIGO has more than 110 favourite points, so it’s not only my opinion 😉

At the end, I would to recommend to you a fantastic pub, when you can rest after an eventful day – Szimpla Kert. It is an amazing place with a unique atmosphere. I don’t have words which can describe this place, so you must go there personally 😉


       Ischia – vulcanic “geoparadise”

Do you like little vulcanic islands in the sea? I like them but not so much like mountains and trekking 😉 My second big journey this year was to the Italian island of Ischia. Ischia is situated near Naples (2 hours voyage by ship) and it neighbours with another, smaller island – Procida. I was there when I was a child and it was my “geocome back” last year 🙂 Myself and CopernicusHigh, we had an old scooter at our disposal, so we travelled across the whole island. Maybe the island is small, but trust me, there are caches that are really worth finding. We didn’t find all the caches on this island but I think we found most of the best.

       Caches in paradise

There are a few caches on Ischia about which I have to tell you. Maybe these aren’t sophisticated when it comes to camouflage but they are located in really interesting places. Anyhow, geocaching should show us places which are normally well hidden 😉

       Mama’s mystery

If you like mystery caches or TB hotels you have to find this one. It’s very simple, and if you have connection to the Internet and “uncle Google”, you can find answers very quickly. The hard part is finding the box. Why? It’s quite far from the icon on the map and it’s located in a difficult terrain, but trust me, if you try going there, you will be very satisfied. You might even feel as if you reached the end of the world? You must check it for yourself 😉

       Monte Epomeo and Aqua Termale

This one is for EarthCaches fans. I told you that I like trekking, so I had to go to the highest point on the island – Monte Epomeo. It’s not very high but the view from there is amazing. It’s a very simple EC and it was a pleasure to find it. I am not a big fan of this type of caches but it was a very nice one and the place is worth visiting.

The second EC is situated in a place where you can take a bath in a very hot vulcanic water 😉 Sounds good? It must be fantastic in winter but in summer it’s nice as well. You can sit in the water, look around and think about answers to questions regarding this cache. I recommend it 😉

       Lost place in Ischia

My favourite types of caches are virtual caches and letterboxes. In Ischia, it is possible to find the second type mentioned. Before we went to retrieve this box, we thought that would be a normal walk and a quite easy find. It almost was the case but we didn’t think that it would be in such a mysterious place. It looked like an abandoned rock village. What was there before? Who lived there? What happened? We didn’t know at that point and we still don’t know now. We found the cache in this secret place and we tried asking islanders what was there before but nobody knew. Incredible experience! By the way, unfortunately the stamp was missing. Too bad.

       Across Cyprus by car

I’ve never been so far from home like in August 2017, when I flew with CopernicusHigh to Cyprus. It’s much bigger an island than Ischia and you need to have more than a few days, if you want to go sightseeing around the best places in Cyprus. So, we rented a car and we left for the unknown. Maybe not really the unknown. We rode to Phafos for an event, which we organized.

Cyprus it’s a charming tourist island. I have to tell you I didn’t see more beautiful beaches than there. We didn’t find as much caches as we would like but we saw a lot of really nice and amazing places. Let’s start from the very begining…

       Acamas Peninsula

First of all, there is a wild Acamas Peninsula. We drove our normal car Kia Ceed there, where a normal car definitelly isn’t enough. I don’t know how but we did it. We travelled across almost the whole Acamas! We found only four caches (one virtual) there but this trip was exciting and exhausting, especially for me – the driver, so these four caches were a good score I think 😉 Acamas Peninsula is a very magical place. Dry, dusty trees look like changed in sand monuments. Extensive, unpopulated areas are a bit terrible and beautiful at the same time. It’s a magical place which you have to visit if you go to Cyprus.

       Two caches which you must have

There are two caches in Cyprus which are really worth finding and which we found. Surely, there is more “the best of” but I have two of the best of the best in my memory 🙂 One of them has a very sophisticated and fun camouflage, the second shows us a very interesting place (and it’s a virtual).

       King Leonidas

Do you know who Leonidas was? I’m sure, you know. Somewhere in Cyprus, there is a huge Spartan warrior monument. You can take a photo with it and take a rest in the nearest house. If you have enough energy, you can try to find the cache of course. It’s not very hard, but I promise, it’s a very fun and positive cache. I don’t want to give you a big hint, so I will tell you only four words… go to the restaurant 😛

This cache rekomended for us Polish geocacher who live in Cyprus – Vienewi. I would like to invite you to her blog – Somewhere in Cyprus. There is a lot of really nice photos from this island.

         The old village

This is a place where you can come across wild animals and… ghosts. We found these ruins only because we wanted to find a virtual cache which was there. In the description of this cache, there is a short information about this place but we were very surprised when we got there. The village which was abandoned during Turkish invasion on Cyprus is an interesting but sad place. You can imagine how the army entered and destroyed little buildings and how civilians were running away. If you have generous imagination, you will have a very strong experience in this ghosts village.

       Artemis trail

In the end, I will tell you a few words about a pleasant mini trail high in the mountains. We heared a lot of good things about the Artemis Trail which is situated in Trodos Mountain in Cyprus, so we decided to drive there. Our companion was a very patient and nice local geocacher – Ghoymakh. We went together on a 10 kilometres walk and we found all caches from the 16 in the trail. If you like long walks I recommend the Artemis Trail. A nice, not very difficult path, good caches and beautiful views make this mountains trek an obligatory point during your geocaching trip 🙂

       Cyprus – summary

It was a short and very intensive trip. We found 73 caches on the island (my second country in terms of the numbers of finds). We travelled across almost the whole west and south coast (on the Greek side) and we visited towns like Paphos, Limassol (I found my 1000 cache in this city!) or Nicosia. We saw a magic places like Aphrodites birthplace, Trodos Mountains, Acamas Peninsula, an old ship, ghosts’ village or the Salt Lake in Limassol. We met very friendly people who love geocaching like we do and we know that we want to return there 🙂

       From Switzerland to Poland

In the second half of last year I had to go to Switzerland. I know that travelling by plane is not very interesting but I returned by car 😉 I know that traveling by car isn’t more interesting than travelling by plane but I have much more photos from this trip and what is more important, many more caches which I found 😀 The most important things are my first caches in Lichtenstein and my first diamond country badge 🙂 Do you want to have a look? Here you are 😉

       2017 – Geosummary of the year

Last year was “geo-awesome” for me. I visited places where I had never been before and I found plenty of really amazing and sophisticated caches. 2017 in numbers:

– 554 – total findings
– I found caches in 6 new countries: Germany, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Lichtenstein, Hungary and Austria
– I got Jasło Geocaching Badge;
– The first cache dedicated to me and CopernicusHigh appeared on the map
– I met a lot of positive people who have the same and a bit crazy hobby like mine 🙂

Thank you for your attention and see you next time 😉

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